Albina SnacksFruit Snacks

Albina Snacks is the largest and most respected supplier within the ethnic food segment in Scandinavia. The brand strives to find innovative ways to develop new products using high-quality ingredients. When launching their new organic fruit candy, made from dried fruit, they needed a impactful design that communicated the natural connection between the fruit and the candy.

We created the Fruit Snacks packaging by showing the natural ingredients and taste of the candy using clean-cut lettering. Since the product is made from nothing but fresh fruits the design is based on the same concept, making nothing but flavourful fruits the star of the show. The design is filled with rich natural imagery forming the capital letter for each unique flavour. For example, the blueberry flavored candies are in a blue wrapper with a large ’B’ made up using only the berries. The use of the ingredient to create the letters allows eaters to instantly make the connection that the candy are made naturally from fruit.