AnammaThink Green

Anamma is a vegan brand with soy-based dishes, such as vegan mince and burgers. The brand has grown strongly among vegans and consumers who want to eat less meat. Anamma searched for a smart and original way to target meat eaters and flexitarian to make them try a green diet.

Let’s make Sweden think green! To change what you eat you need to start with your thoughts. With Sweden’s most renown hypnotist, Fredrik Praesto, we explored the use of hypnosis to cure meat addiction by inviting meat lover and TV-chef Filip Poon to cook his favourite burger and a vegan one. Could hypnosis make him skip the meat? It actually could! We also invited the skeptics to try for themselves in a self-hypnosis video specially made to reverse meat lovers. The campaign launched on Anammas YouTube and social media channels. Using the vegan community as ambassadors to invite and tag their meat eating friends to cure their meat addiction. Do you think green?