Bjäre ChipsSweden’s best potato chips?

Bjäre Chips is a snack brand located in the small city of Torekow, right in the biggest district of potatoes in Sweden. Bjäre Chips is an underdog on the snack market but makes really great award winning potato chips. They needed a quick way to communicate this in stores.

Swedens best potato chips comes from Bjäre! At least if you choose to believe several independent taste test conducted through out Sweden. The award winning taste is a result of Swedens best potatos grown on the beautiful Bjäre peninsula. Thin sliced locally grown potatoes, Swedish rapeseed oil and natural spices is the only ingredients used to create the crunchy fingerlicking good potato chips. The best potato chips in Sweden! We helped Bjäre Chips communicated their position as the best through various communication channels.

  • Clear communication concept
  • Increased visibility in stores
  • Increased market share for 12+ months