Counterweight Records7 Days of Nas

Swedish record label Counterweight puts out quality independent releases within the Hip Hop, Jazz and Funk genres. In connection with the 20th anniversary of groundbreaking Nas album “Illmatic”, Counterweight wanted to find a unique way to pay homage to the Queensbridge rapper.

On the birthday of “Illmatic” in 2015, the official Nas week was initiated by Counterweight records. The project “7 Days of Nas”, included seven remixes released subsequently over one weeks time. Making Counterweight the first label ever to do so. We created the cover, a typographic art portrait of Nas, using only classic Nas lyrics. The “7 Days of Nas” project launched as a digital-release, limited edition cassette and as 70×70 art prints.

  • International news coverage by sites: VLADTV, Kingsize Magazine, Laid Back Radio, HipHopGods, Blackout HipHop, DOPEFuture
  • Generating over 50,000 plays on SoundCloud & AudioMack
  • Unique and limited edition merchandise