Almost every cup of coffee in Sweden is brewed by an electric coffeemaker. Pioneering coffee-brand Melitta created the very first electric coffee maker 50 years ago and needed a campaign to celebrate the anniversary and create awareness of their long heritage in coffee.

We launched Bryggarjakten! – The hunt for the first electric coffee maker! Inviting the Swedish people to look through vintage stores, flea markets, break rooms and homes all over Sweden to find it. The campaign launched on Melittas social media channels and through guerilla style poster in all major Swedish cities. To join in and compete was simple, find a working “MA 120” and post a picture on social media, using the hashtag #bryggarjakten. First one to find it in complete and working condition would collect Melittas latest electric coffee maker and a hefty cash price!

  • Featured in wide variety of Swedish mainstream media.
  • High engagement in Melittas social media channels.
  • Educating a new generation of consumers about Melittas long heritage.