Northern SpiritDesigned for crossfitters

People all over the world are sweating like never before. The reason is Crossfit. A high intensity workout, turning your average Joe into a full blown gym-roughneck.

When Northern Spirit® launched their brand in 2013, we created their corporate profile and all designs for their clothing line. Today Northern Spirit® is a highly established Crossfit-brand and ships their products worldwide. The wide products-line is focused on designed prints available on everything from hoodies to socks. All their products is made by special fabric, ideal for a hard workouts. By crossfitters for cross fitters.

Or like Northern Spirit puts it: “We provide great products for you, the people in the box, that will make you jump higher, lift heavier, row faster, look better and smile A LOT more!”

  • Establishing Northern Spirit in a growing category.
  • Consistent and coherent design and identity.