Toppits®Smart storage

Toppits® is known for their vast assortment of freshkeeping-products for food and storage. One of their hero products is the famous Zipper®-bag. Toppits needed a campaign highlighting the versatility of the product.

The Zipper®-bag is used in wide variety of ways and people actually love to find unique ways to utilize it. We choose to invite the Swedish people to share their unique usage of the product. We launched the hashtag #smartförvaring (#smartstorage) on Social Media and the pictures started to flood in. From storing kids toys, makeshift makeup bags, beach bags to hipsters using them to cook meat “suos wide-style”. Anything could fit or be stored in the smart Zipper®-bags. For printed media we picked the best ideas from the Swedish people and transformed them into ads.

  • Clear communication concept highlighting versatility.
  • Concept activated by consumers in social media.
  • Social media content transformed into printed media.
  • Increased product awareness.