Established in 1973, Bravo holds the title of Sweden's largest juice brand. In 2023, Bravo formed a partnership with Melodifestivalen, an annual Swedish song competition that determines the country's representative for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Kind was tasked with developing a campaign to showcase the partnership and activate it through a consumer promotion. We created campaign visuals that portrayed Bravo's products as artists on a grand stage performing for an audience of fruits. As the centerpiece of the campaign, we introduced a mobile game. Each week, the top five players with the highest scores won tickets to the finale. The partnership was communicated across social media, out of home, on packaging and in-store promotions. All campaign elements aimed to drive traffic to the mobile game.

The game attracted an impressive number of 38,720 unique players, who collectively played a staggering 701,386 rounds. The total time spent playing the game amounted to an astounding 5,844 hours, equivalent to roughly eight months of non-stop gameplay. The campaign not only achieved its goal of promoting the partnership, but also made a significant impact on the brand's market share which rose from 59.3% to a record-breaking high of 67.5%.