Nordic online gadget shop has a history of selling really quirky, unique and fun products and has built up a highly engaged fan base because of it. For Halloween 2015 Coolstuff launched an all new extensive range of Halloween-products and needed a way to raise interest and differentiate themselves from the competition.

“The Coolstuff Coffin” – for the paltry sum of $6,000, the customer could have their Halloween order from the website packed, sealed and delivered in a full-size functional coffin. The limited edition pine wood coffin was constructed down to the finest detail and could even be personalized towards the buyer. Hence making the first online gadget retailer in history to offer this morbid delivery service. The coffin was featured on a large variety of sites, including Trendhunter, Packaging of the World, Ads of the World, Adland,, Nyheter24, Sydsvenskan among others.